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Q: Do your wax melts look like lollies?

Yes! All of our Wax Melts are the exact shape and size of the real treats we all know and love! Including our Mini Jar Range!

Q: What is a wax melt?
A wax melt is a highly fragranced wax that can be melted down with heat in either a tealight or an electric burner, to fill a room or your entire home with any fragrance you desire.

Q: What sizes are your wax melts available in?

Our Mini Melt Jar varieties range from 70g to 90g, Small and Large Jar varieties range from 200g to 300g, Our Macarons weigh approximately 20-25g each and are boxed as a pack of six. 


Q: How long will your wax melts last?
This will vary depending on what type of burner (tealight or electric) is being used, the size of your wax burner, and the room your wax burner is placed in. All of our Mini Melt Jars will fill a standard burner at least twice and the Small to Large jars, a minimum of five to six times, and each fill will be extremely fragrant for four to six standard tealight burns (16-20 hours per fill)


- Minimum of 40 hours of heavy fragrance from our Mini Jar Wax Melts

- Minimum of 100 hours of heavy fragrance from our Small Jar Wax Melts

- Minimum of 120 hours of heavy fragrance from our Large Jar Wax Melts 

Q: How do I know when to change my melt over?
The wax will begin to lose fragrance after quite a few burns - so it's best to change over when the scent is no longer strong to your liking.

Q: How do I remove the wax from the warmer?
We find the best way to remove wax from your burner is to let it cool completely, and simply push down along one edge and the wax will pop out in a solid piece, this works best in a shallow burner. Alternatively, you can warm your disc up slightly and it will slide out in a mostly solid piece and wipe any remaining melted wax with a cotton ball for easy cleanup. 

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