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About Us

Inspired by childhood memories and a love of all things sweet. Sweet Burn Candles & Melts products are 100% vegan friendly and cruelty-free. Hand-poured with the utmost care in single batches, labelled and packed in the small country town of Wellington, New South Wales, we aim to ensure maximum scent throw using only the highest quality ingredients available, and all of our decorations and embeds are made from 100% wax to ensure the safest burn possible.

How We Came To Be...

Growing up, my family moved around a bit. Which meant changing schools and making new friends often. Different schools offered different classes and activities, liking some and hating others, I was eventually able to choose electives. I tried food technology and found my niche. I never really wanted to be a chef, I just loved the science behind baking and enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen for my family and my friends whilst working in customer service and food at every opportunity. 

Then along came the virus. It hit the world hard, and we were locked down. My mum gave me DIY candle kit since we were unable to enjoy our weekly lunch and shop (where we'd normally pick out candles together) and with it, my new obsession was born. I'll admit it, i didn't follow the kit one bit. I read a few instructions, melted my first batch of wax and used the wick provided to make my first cupcake candle - it was a complete fail, but a win to me. After months of research, countless hours testing and carefully creating recipes, Sweet Burn Candles & Melts was born. 






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