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Candles & Melts

Candles that look like delicious treats!

At Sweet Burn Candles & Melts, we love sweet treats. We also love candles and melts. So, we've combined the two to create candles and melts that look and smell like some of our favourites!

Most of us love the smell of freshly baked desserts and appreciate that first whiff of deliciousness as you softly tear open the bag of sweets you've been saving. Some of us long for the days when you'd walk down to your local corner store (or milk bar!) and purchase paper bags of your favourites for just cents each.


While we can't bring back those days or fill your pantry with sweets, let us delight your senses with the scents of these treats. Shop our full range of food candles and melts today; we ship throughout Australia and New Zealand and the United Kindom


Sweet Tooths Rejoice!

Our candles and melts are so close to the real deal, you might just be tempted to take a bite. We've got all your favourites, from our delicious baked melts, including chocolate chip cookies and macarons to our mini, small and large jar melts featuring tiny teddys, red frogs, sour worms and so much more.

Not only do we have an amazing range of food-scented candles and melts, but we've also got a great selection of wax melt burners. Choose from our range of tealight and electric wax melt burners, perfect for filling your home with the scent of freshly baked cookies or yummy banana lollies.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our range or shop online now!

About Us

Inspired by childhood memories and a love of all things sweet. Sweet Burn Candles & Melts products are 100% vegan friendly and cruelty-free!

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